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Birthdate:Jun 5
Anne Parker is nineteen years old soon to be twenty. (Insert joke about going on a hundred and fifteen and she won't cut you, but she might well make a very scathing remark about it.) She's lived on the streets since she was eighteen.

She doesn't like talking about her past much. But, bother her about it for long enough and it might emerge that her mother was a failed actress turned drug addict and her father wasn't around much. Now, the truth of that is up for questioning, but it's a fact that she's been bounced around foster care since she was nine.

When she turned eighteen she split and she's been making a life for herself ever since. Granted, it's not a great life, seeing as how she falls under the category "homeless" but at least no one tells her what to do and if someone knocks her around, she can give as good as she gets.

She's a tough girl, and won't take shit from anyone. But somewhere underneath her cutthroat instinct for self-preservation, she has a protective streak a mile wide. If someone triggers it, it's pretty much for keeps.

Nearly two years down the line and sleeping rough is wearing a bit thin. So, recently, she's taken to turning tricks to earn a bit of money. She doesn't have her mother's drug addiction, and so she's looking to put the money towards a place of her own. Nothing fancy. Just something with a roof and four walls.

[RP journal for original character Anne Parker. Player and character are both 20+.]
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